Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chloee and Clark

My babies, Chloee and Clark Cedrake L. Villahermosa. A 5 and 2 years old kids who have been my strength and my source of joy aside from our God. Happy to see them smiling, laughing out loud and playing with them in our daily routine. they are both brilliant kids and hopefully until they grow up. I love them so much! Mwah!

Good Day!

Remembering Him

Good Day! Hello guys! Just want to share to you a visit at home by the Our Lord.
Just an overnight stay with us by our not just the good, not just the better, but the
best in our lives, only Jesus Christ. I know everything happen in our everyday life is because of him. Let us remember him all the time especially on his coming birthday!

Advance merry Christmas to all! Happy Holidays!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Pedring and Quiel look what you've done to my countrymen,
so many things needed to help those victims. No food, no water to drink,
no water to used for cooking, no clothes, no medicines. They're lacked in everything. They're waiting for some relief goods from the government just to feed their kids and family. So sad still there are some area that can't be reached by the said donations and help. Let these typhoons be a lesson to all of us. If there's a news for incoming typhoon, be prepared. If some authorities are saying you better evacuate early before the storm comes, just obey to avoid worse scenario. Always pray and ask God's mercy and don't forget to thank him for everything. These are only trials that we need to be strong because God will never give these trials to us if we can't handle these things. Remember that God is good, all the time! Good day!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wish I could...

Hello everyone! Got some free time today, so I grab it to write something just to have post for my readers and visitors. So how's life going on? Still alive and kicking hehe! Just finished my lunch with the kids and thinking of something I want to do right away but something is bothering me. I really want to earn that's why I want to work again but the problem is I'm worrying of my kids especially my youngest baby boy. He is just turning 2 next month that's why it's hard for me to leave him. I wish I could find someone to be there to take care of my kids even if I'm away. Still fixing some things needed and I hope everything will be okay later. I knew some working moms out there and most of them are wishing to stay at home with their kids. I know that I'm partly lucky to be with my kids all the time but I feel so unproductive sometimes. I want to become somebody! Not just a mom for my kids and a wife for my hubby but somebody who can also provide the needs of my family. I hope I can be that somebody. Got it? hehehe! this is my post for today. God bless everyone!

Good Day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

In a hurry!

Hi everyone! I'm thinking of what to post for today, something new, something different but I just only have few minutes before going to school for Chloee to pick her up. Maybe later I will have my final post for today once I finished all my house chores hehehe! I'll be back, so sorry for this post guys! Have good day and God blees! Ciao!

Good Day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi everyone! I'm back! So sorry to all of you especially my visitors and readers, it's been quite a while since I last wrote my last post. I've been very busy taking care of my kids, can't find time to to blogging but now I'm here to share to you how life had been these past 6 months. Well, it's been a difficult but challenging and rewarding...

My eldest is a kindergarten now in school. Last March when she graduated from nursery.
Graduated with flying colors! hehehe! She received the academic excellence award which
is "Best In Science", medalist in singing contest and with honors. Isn't it great?
She's doing fine in her 2nd year in preschool. Hoping to made it again this year.

About my youngest, Clark, he's turning 2 this coming September, so naughty baby boy.
My whole day is not enough for my kids to take care of them, well of course that's what you call "motherhood" hehehe! All of their noise and smiles and crying moments are my daily music ti my ear.

We're now living in our own home finally, still lacking some things needed at home but one at a time we're trying to have those according to our priority of course.
For now, my daughter's education is one of my priorities because it's the only thing we can give to her that she will surely to have a good future.

I may can't help my husband to earn for now but I'm doing my job to mold my kids to help them how to become a better persons and a worthy Filipino of our country.
I'm just relax and in high spirits, faithfully entrust our life to our Dear Lord coz I know he will never leave thy side forever.

happy reading!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My first blog this year!

New Years Day @ the zoo!

January 1st 2011 when we started to have fun so that the whole year is fun
for our us.My kids enjoy taking pictures with the animals and learning more about them. This will be a great new year start for them, un forgetable family bonding too!

Good Day!