Thursday, October 29, 2009

baby cedie

This is my son Clark Cedrake L. Villahermosa. He is 1 month and 2 weeks now.
he' s starting to move his head on his side,up and down and it seems that he can see us already. He's so huggable baby boy, I can't wait to embrace him tight but he is so young. Be good baby cedie!

Good Day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A post for my hubby

This was the first time I think that I will write a post about my hubby. He's ready for work in this picture inside the shuttle of their company. He's reporting morning shift right now, rendering overtime 4 times a week as their department requires, sometimes they are allowed to report even if this is their restdays but I told him not to render overtime during restdays to spend time with us. Like yesterday, monday is his system restday, he simply stayed at home and watched his favorite dvd's to take a rest too! My hubby celebrated his 31st birthday last Oct. 1, this post is for you, Papu!

Good Day!

Having my own Car

After getting our own house, hubby and I are planning to have a wheels someday.
We're dreaming to have a family car that can take us easily wherever we want to go. I think having your own car is very convenient unless the price of gasolines and diesels are expensive. Also when it comes to maintenance of the car,like for example the diesel parts.

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So guys when it comes to diesel parts, you already know where to find it. Ciao!

Good Day

What's your Friendship Style

Your Friendship Style is Empathetic

You deeply care about each person you're friends with. For you, friendship is all about the personal connection.

You tend to know everything about your friends' lives... and they know everything about yours. Your friends are your confidants.

You are always there for your friends. You celebrate their successes and support them in their times of need.

You are as loyal as they come. And you expect the same loyalty and understanding from your friends in return.

You and another Empathetic Friend: Have a amazing friendship, when it works. You care for each other deeply, but you often end up with hurt feelings and drama.

You and a Gregarious Friend: May have a bit of a one sided friendship. You adore your Social Friend, but you sometimes feel a bit neglected.

You and an Independent Friend: Struggle a bit. You are very interested in your Independent Friend's life, but your friend often needs more space.

You and a Philosophical Friend: Respect one another. You love to learn about your Philosophical Friend's brilliant ideas.

What's Your Friendship Style?
How about you my friend? Wanna try what's your result taking this test? Start now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Choco Lover

My eldest is now 3 years old. She's so energetic, loves to dance and to sing and she never forget to take her milk before going to bed. Sometimes she drinks choco flavored drink as an alternative. I believe that milk has an ingredient to help us to easily sleep at night andmilk is really good for the health of our kids. How about chocolate milk? Chocolate milk also helps replenish the fluids lost through sweat. My daughter loves chocolates so much but I try to control her eating sweets because i dont want her to have bad teeth, but taking milk chocolate drink is always at her sideanytime she wants because I know it's harmless for her health. She always asks me to buy her "chuckie" her favorite chocolate drink in tetra pack. My hubby usually buy this for her from time to time to avoid her eating junk foods and drinks.

Now that halloween is coming, more candies and sweets are ready to distribute during the trick or treat party and I dontwant her to eat those candies. I think people should add this chocolate drinks in tetra pack to include this on their Trick or Treat Me and or Twick or Tweet Me as one of their surprises.


Good Day!

What Do Guys Like About You?

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

And not in that "cry at a drop of a hat" sort of way

You just get most guys - even if you're not trying to

Guys find it is easy to confide in you and tell you their secrets

No wonder you tend to get close quickly in relationships!

How about you guys? Wanna try?

Good Day!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missing you

This is my father. George M. Lampad, 17 years ago when he passed away, I was only 12. Last October 19, his 61st birthday supposed to be, a senior citizen already. Just miss him so much that's why I decided to make this post about him. Also the All Souls Day is coming up, we will visit his tomb and all of our loved ones at the cemetery. Flowers and candles are overflowing along the road. Sellers and visitors are walking surely will result to a heavy traffic. Let us remember are dear loved ones who are not peacefully resting this All Souls Day.
Good Day!

Rain Rain Rain

Holidays are coming. . . still rainy season here in our place. I do hope before the month ends , no more rains to come. No more typhoon, tropical storm and any other calamity. Hope to have a sunny day today. Good Day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shop all you can!

I love shopping! I always try to buy something during paydays. Everybody loves shopping especially if its for free hehehe! If I would have a $500 giftcard from red chair confessions I would choose to buy everything that I may want. From clothes to shoes to cosmetics and accesories I will really buy them just to enjoy my shopping. I also want to buy cute little bags for a special parties. I like this one! A little blue hand bag for me hehehe!

By just visiting the Talbots site, I feel that im really at their store and enjoying shopping buy surfing the site and viewing those things they have. One more thing, they have these stuff in a low low price that's why I am convinced to buy. Oh, how I wish I could buy them all!

I also want to buy some clothes for my kids. Those cute dresses for my eldest and my baby boy too! Perfect clothes for any occassion. What about you? Do you love shopping too? I think all women loves shopping, it's a heart warmer for me if we feel bad sometimes. It's like chocolate! It will relieve slight pains and madness. It will help you to feel better and better and better. So what are you waiting for? Come on let's do the shoping spree!


Good Day!

She's such a Winner

My daughter chloee posing winner from the movie "Yaya and Angelina" the spoiled brat movie. She loves angelina and hopefully she won't absorb the bad attitudes of the brat. By next year she will be going to school already and hopefully she will be doing good there like what she doing at home. She's so smart and so sweet pretty girl. She loves Mariane Rivera too! She always shout "Darna" with the pose.hehehe!

Good Day!

Friday, October 9, 2009

After Giving birth

Me and my eldest latest picture after 2 weeks of giving birth. We're both swelling hehehe! When I was pregnant I gained a lot and I lost 5 kilos after giving birth. Still I have to lose some weight to go back in shape. Time to watch my diet! (",)

Clark Cedrake

I've been away for almost a month when I was on my 9th month of pregnancy and now I'm back with a bouncing baby boy! He's 7.9 lbs, at about 1910 wednesday, 16th of September when I gave birth to my Clark Cedrake. I found it quite difficult to my labor,(everybody hates labor I think)I stayed almost an hour in delivery room unlike the other pregnant lady who is just less than 10 minutes she gave birth. Well what matters most is I am now okay and I have my healthy and normal baby boy. by the way here are the photos of my newly born baby on his 1st day.

Good Day!