Monday, October 10, 2011

Typhoon Victims

Typhoon Pedring and Quiel look what you've done to my countrymen,
so many things needed to help those victims. No food, no water to drink,
no water to used for cooking, no clothes, no medicines. They're lacked in everything. They're waiting for some relief goods from the government just to feed their kids and family. So sad still there are some area that can't be reached by the said donations and help. Let these typhoons be a lesson to all of us. If there's a news for incoming typhoon, be prepared. If some authorities are saying you better evacuate early before the storm comes, just obey to avoid worse scenario. Always pray and ask God's mercy and don't forget to thank him for everything. These are only trials that we need to be strong because God will never give these trials to us if we can't handle these things. Remember that God is good, all the time! Good day!