Friday, May 30, 2014

school blues

Hello everyone! it's been a while since I wrote my last post. I have so much to share to all of you, so many kwentos and stuff. It's a beautiful day!♪♫♪ When the sun is up it's a beautiful day♪♫♪ That's the song of my youngest babyboy goes in school. Yes, he's in K-1 this coming school year, my eldest is in 2nd grade. How fast! They're both in school now... excited for my Cedieboy, I hope he will be good as ate Chloee... always with flying colors & medals too. I remember when I was in 6th grade, I was chosen to be an awardee as one of the model students... ("huwarang bata" that's how they call it) in my own understanding it is given to those deserving students who the teacher can depend on all the time, also excel academically. ( may ibubuga rin naman) Unluckily, my Math teacher hold it for unexplained reason... I still remember my grades she gave to me that time ... I got 84, 80, 82,83 for 4 quarters but I really don't know why she need to object why I shouldn't be an awardee. She's not my adviser, she's just a math teacher but also a guidance councilor... maybe that's why. I am not after to the recognition I just let them to decide, I just thought maybe she simply don't feel it to give it to me, she simply don't like it because she don't like me. Why? Maybe because we're poor? I don't know. I just realize that people may get what they want without any valid reason... looks like in teleserye you know... My father died on the opening of classes that time during 6th grade... and I really don't know why some teachers are putting us down... Yes the three of us. My siblings who both in honor list, I think if they still can do anything they will but they can't do anything because the grades of my siblings are really cannot be touch with their magic hands. My sister graduated salutatorian and my brother graduated as Valedictorian and the teacher now? How is she? ask me, nevermind. It's just so sad that there are people who can't be happy for you. That's why I decided not place my kids in public school, atleast in private school, kids are loved by every teacher, everything is undergone in deliveration especially in honor list.. Now, with my kids I hope they will not experience being deprived. Ganun Tayo mga Filipino eh...palakasan... Good Day!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

away from him...

Hey guys:) hows you holidays? New Year, new hobbies, new resolutions, new routine. I just thought to start the year by continuing to write for something new. It's been a couple of months since he last time I wrote, so many things happened, so many stuff to talk about and wish I could share it to you in detailed. Just for example is my husband. He's already working in Taiwan now, away from me, away from kids but daily we talk and still find time to make it a normal life even if he's far. It's a dream of him to work abroad just to give us a better life. I am happy for him and I really appreciate all his efforts and sacrifices for us. I always pray for his safety and health. My kids really misses him a lot. They wish to see him and be with him always. I support him all the way and even I can't help him to earn for now, I choose to focus on my children's needs. I miss him too but all I can do is to do my part as a mom and I just think and believe that it's for my kids sake. Take care always Papu... that's how I call him and the kids too just to be different hehehe. Good day guys. Ciao♦