Tuesday, February 21, 2012

school blues

This is Jerry , favorite tv program of my kids, Tom and Jerry, they love watching it daily and it really made them laugh out loud every time they watch it. It's been a year when the scenario is just exactly the same. During the end of the school year in nursery when I got disappointed for the final result of my dearest Chloee. Last year when her rank down to 8th from Top 3 because of the other part of grading system the "extra-curricular activities". I hate that feeling, I really felt bad for that time. Ending was still she became a part of the Top TEN with Best in Science award. Now, in kinder for the past 2 quarter, she made it to the top. Ranked 1 is such a big blast for me, I know she can make it and everybody around the school knows she's deserving to stay on her place but because of consecutive absences, I doubt it. 3rd quarter result in ranking is strictly confidential that's why I don't know what happen to her rank for now, hopefully this coming finals it will end in a better result although you missed some lessons I know you can be at your best anak. I know it's not your fault, if can do something for to get your thrown back, I will. Anyways, whatever is the result for final grading I know you did your best. For me your my no.1 baby, i love you!