Friday, August 5, 2011

Wish I could...

Hello everyone! Got some free time today, so I grab it to write something just to have post for my readers and visitors. So how's life going on? Still alive and kicking hehe! Just finished my lunch with the kids and thinking of something I want to do right away but something is bothering me. I really want to earn that's why I want to work again but the problem is I'm worrying of my kids especially my youngest baby boy. He is just turning 2 next month that's why it's hard for me to leave him. I wish I could find someone to be there to take care of my kids even if I'm away. Still fixing some things needed and I hope everything will be okay later. I knew some working moms out there and most of them are wishing to stay at home with their kids. I know that I'm partly lucky to be with my kids all the time but I feel so unproductive sometimes. I want to become somebody! Not just a mom for my kids and a wife for my hubby but somebody who can also provide the needs of my family. I hope I can be that somebody. Got it? hehehe! this is my post for today. God bless everyone!

Good Day!