Monday, May 25, 2009

dneero surveys

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Papu's girl

hubby and my baby chloee @ the bed while having fun posing and smiling.

making different faces while relaxing and after watching dvd.

and here she is now. . . my eldest pretty Chloee Villahermosa. Isn't she lovely and cute? Well, based on parents. . . hehehe! Hope you like my post for today. Mwah!!!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get paid to be a Hacker!

Have you ever dreamed of how cool it would be to be a real life hacker? Yes! It' so cool and easy how to be just visiting the site, I learned a lot and gained more knowledge to help companies tighten their IT security by being an Ethical Hacker.

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EC Council brought about these events to give IT Professionals a chance to come and see what the BUZZ is all about prior to attending a class. EC Council puts it’s money where it’s mouth is and we aren’t afraid to show what we are all about and best of all its on our dime!
Come join us for the next First LOOK! Event in Secure Coding, Ethical Hacking or Computer Forensic Investigation! Coming Soon: Disaster Recovery and Security Analyst!

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1/4 kg fish slices (talakitok)
250 g potatoes, sliced
1/4+1/8 tsp iodized fine salt, (or 1 tsp iodized rock salt)
1/8 tsp pepper


1 pouch (90 g) DEL MONTE Filipino Style Tomato Sauce
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 tsp minced ginger
1 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp calamansi juice

1 SEASON fish with salt and pepper. Combine with marinade. Marinate fish for 1 hour in the refrigerator. Pan- grill fish in 3 tbsp oil until cooked on both sides. Set aside. Reserve pan to cook potatoes later.

2 SEASON potatoes with 1/8 tsp salt. Deep-fry until cooked. Transfer to reserved pan, then stir to mix with the sauce. Serve with fish.

Serves 5

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preggy look

Smiling every morning to have the beautiful vibes the whole day! This is the my latest picture today. 5 months pregnant with 2nd baby, decided to show you up close, no need to see my tummy hehehe! so far, my baby is keep on kicking inside my womb, enjoying the fun with my family and excited to see my coming baby boy. Good morning guys!

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Oprah, Hugh, Twitter and Entainment Stuff!

Are you fanatic too? Join this conversation!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Simplicity is Beauty

Looking for new furnitures? Planning to have something different @ home? Something that will change your aura, your ambiance and your mood? Why don't you try to have rustic furniture. What do you think of when someone says rustic furniture? What comes in your mind when you heared t? Me? i thought it's something with rust. hehehe! A dirty furnitures, but I'm wrong. It's a different kind of furnitures at home that seems from your own home.

Native things from your hometown. Made of wooden materials that will refelects your simplicity.

It's a modern time right now but still simple things are coming back from time to time. Truly simplicity is beauty!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An article Review

As I've read an article from a site, entitled "Do you really want to own a business?", I gained more knowledge and informations that I don't even know even before. It contains more useful and ideas for everyone who are planning to have their own business. It contains the advantages and effects to you as a person, the different aspects that will really help you to understand everything such as follows:

Personal Fulfillment.

For many people, owning a business is a genuinely fulfilling experience, one that lifetime employees never know.

Lifestyle Change.

Many people find that while they can make a good income working for other people, they are missing some of life’s precious moments. With the flexibility of small business ownership, you can take time to stop and smell the roses.


Successful small business owners are respected, both by themselves and their peers.


You can get rich in a small business, or at least do very well financially. Most entrepreneurs don’t get wealthy, but some do. If money is your motivator, admit it.


When it is your business, you can have your employees do it your way. There is a little Ghengis Khan in us all, so don’t be surprised if power is one of your goals. If it is, think about how to use this goal in a constructive way.

These are such an examples of what I am referring to. An article in which almost complete with other related at the bottom of the site. You may also visit the site to see the article I am talking about or find the article you want for your needs and wants. I've chosen this article because I really want to own a businness someday. hehehe!

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buzzTrendz ... @ dneero

Another conversation that I am sure you'll love because the topic is nice and trendy.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Thursday

Good evening everyone! So many things to do for now but I can't start because I'm not in the mood for the whole day. Sun is missing, summer has ended, now we're on signal no.1 because of the typhoons here in our place. It's a rainy thursday, so sad. I feel sad everytime it rains. I wish for a cloudy but fair weather for tomorrow so that I can do what I need to do and settle what I need to settle too!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

An Appointment to my OB-gyne

Last wednesday, we(hubby,chloee and I) went to my ob gyne for my pre-natal check up. I am suffering for abnominal pains lately that's why she checked my urinalysis and other lab test to know my condition. She also performed an ie to check my cervix why I am having my abdominal pains, thanks God she found it closed. If it's already open she will have to admit me to avoid any threaten abortion of my baby. I already heared his heart beat, I'm on my 18-19 weeks right now and by next month she asked me to have my ultrasound. I have so many vitamins and medicines to take for 2 weeks.

So far, my abdominal pains are lessen already but still I find it hard to sleep. I hope I can have my best time and best position during sleeping. Whew!

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