Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hi guys! how are you doing? me, I just got home after picking up my daughter from school. I feel a little bit relief after expressing how I feel and after saying what I need to say, what I need to point out... some issues arised, well not that bad but it's just I want to emphasize some of my concerns and hopefully it will be truly understand by the authorized people. nyahaha! I feel so disappointed sometimes when some people I thought I could lean on to but fail me so,that's why sometimes I want to isolate myself to everybody. I know I am the one , the only one who can solve it because I do believe that when it comes to basic things to realize and understand, I know I'm step ahead but sometimes I get tired. So far, still I believe that with God's grace, everything will fall into place and in his perfect timing. (yes Lord!) Sometimes I asked myself when do I need to prioritized my feelings? After neglecting my opinion, setting aside my point, because of the more important matter and cases, because of lacking resources, everything is taken for granted.But still go on with the life I have to avoid myself being the looser. I have to go on with the flow! I can. I really can go on with them but when I heard some issues from them saying it's my fault, it's my shortcomings, I can't really try to relax and sit down. I'm too sensitive when it comes to fault finding issues, because me, I don't blame anybody when something is in trouble. Sometimes I wish I had no ear just to avoid what other people are saying.=( How I wish I had someone who will cover my ear just to avoid me getting hurt to what I heard. Ciao!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

veggie veggie good!

Hi guys! I just want to share some good news to all of you. One of my hardest time daily is to feed my kids with healthy foods. they don't eat veggies! yah! you heard it right. They don't want to it veggies that's why I think of something new. I prepared veggies for our lunch, I cook banana blossom which we both love to eat also by with my husband. I just saute it with seasonings and I left some and added a flour for extender and seasoning too! I fried it like a burger patties. I serve it with hot rice and and "jaran!" I told my kids that it was a burger patties and they eat a lot! My husband and I keep on lauging on the side while watching them if they will notice that it's not really a burger meat. Next time another veggies to prepare. Good Day!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

back to my racket...

New year! New record... I need to do more blog post by this year because I've been absent for almost 3 years in blogger. Please be patient guys waiting for my post and blog. Also to all paying sites, I gonna make up with you I promise! Please continue sending me opp's and deals beacuse I want to ear more this year by blogging. Happy new year and goodluck to all of us! This will be my post for today! Ciao!