Friday, October 3, 2008

Feel bad and Grrrrrr!

Hello guys! Forgive if you will visit my page now and something is missing. My designs are now missing and I hate it! I'm still trying to recover my old designs but i don't think I can get it back. It really makes me sad for today but I can't do it right now I have to spend a day to finish my page and hope you will understand. Many thanks!

a blessed day for all of you!


aybi said...

don't be sad. Btw, i already did my sensational six, thanks for this cherry, i really really appreciate it.

Maricel said...

Hi dear! Thanks for being part of the Momhood Moments Blog Party! Here is the list of the attendees, please don't forget to place the code on your side bar. :) thanks!

Code found HERE.

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