Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh my!!!

Oh my gosh!!!! I really don't know what to do, I received a message earlier that a post of mine wasn't able to be approved by customer love due to immediately next to another sponsored post which is against their Terms and Conditions, one of these posts is drafted during that same day I made the other one, when I got the slot for the one I reserved, I immediately published it that's why the posting was with the same day as my other post. I tried to resubmit my post to have the different date and to be approved, and I accidentally deleted my other post which is unfortunately, the one that was deleted was the approved post and already waiting for payment. Now, I'm worried if what will happen to my deleted post? I'm thinking that once I already resubmitted the post, it will also require for another approval and I will wait for another month for the payment. Does it really affect the payment for the deleted post even if it's already approved? I feel so grrr! kainis!

Well, I do hope it will be answered soon as I already submitted a ticket for it asking them what will happen. I can wait for their answer and advise. Hopefully nothing will gonna happen bad and both of my post will be approved and paid and nothing will turn into trash! hehehe!
How I wish!