Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Widgets and Downloads

I'm a computer literate that's all I know but since my hubby bought this pc and start spending 3 to 4 hours a day, I realize that there still a lot of things I didn't know about the whole pc and the internet. I'm really not familiar about the term widgets. I just encountered this term and eventually I understand after I signed up in Google Account. I was impressed and told myself " Ah okay! That's it!"

Even the download thing is just a computer term for me but when I finally learned such things and stuff, now I understand that these things can help me for something I need someday. It will add a little fun to your personal web space. Like my blogger page right now! I put a lot of widgets in my site that will serve also as my personal designs of my page and help me to express who I am, to reflect who I am and to represents who I am. Also I have my favorite videos downloaded to my blogger site.

Looking for new widgets and downloads? Check out free widgets and downloads from

Visit and choose from the following:

Word Power: Now is your chance to have fun while building your vocabulary. Think your smarter than your friends? Go ahead and challenge them to beat your score and see who comes out on top!

Daily Laughs: Laugh a little louder each day with new jokes, cartoons, photos and videos from Grab this widget, add it to your personal web space and enjoy!

Prop My Photo: If you have a Facebook page, you can have crazy fun with your personal photos. Download this application to your profile page. It allows you to add funny props to your favorite pics and share them with friends. Check it out and while you're at it, enter the funny photo contest using your latest creation.

Toolbars: The perfect tool for the information junkie! Download the toolbar for IE or Firefox and have the latest RD articles and info at your fingertips.

Please visit our widgets and downloads pages ( and choose at least one of the applications to try out -- or choose as many as you like.
Add widget to your blog page or in the case of the facebook app, show off your propped photos and discuss your favorites with your readers.

Encourage your readers to check out and download the widgets as well - it's easy! Maybe even challenge them on WordPower and see who's got the bigger brains!

Sounds very interesting right? Before all I know is Readers Digest is just a book to read during free time but now another site that will surely help us to enjoy spending time with the internet like Funny Cartoons and Stand-up Videos

Why don't you try to visit RD Laughs Main and Widgets to have these new widgets and downloads for free. I'm sure you will like it guys, what are you waiting for? Visit them now.


Good evening!