Saturday, October 11, 2008

Women Fashion Dresses

This is not an opp nor sponsored post, just want to share these stuffs and things to all of you guys!

I remember my JS Prom way back 10-11 years ago, a very special and a memorable event too for the highschool students. Everybody is pretty and handsome with their dresses and suits while waiting for their crushes to be asked for a dance. It's a very memorable experience for me attending that event because it's one way of expressing myself to everyone to know me better when it comes to socializing.
I wore a simple slacks and a blouse that night because the required attire is semi- formal and besides I am not comfortable wearing a cocktail gowns. My classmates
bought a new dress and the others preferred to rent a gowns for a one night event.

By this coming February of 2009, the heart and love month, the JS Proms are scheduled to be held by the different schools and colleges and if your looking for a best boutique to locate best prom dresses i can help you with that! is a one stop shop during special occasions where in you can shop a dress by category,( occasion) by designer,
also they have the shoes, the jewelries you will need for your dresses.
So what are you waiting for? You must prepare earlier to have the dress you want and try to visit them now.

Aside from the Prom Dresses, also have the Evening Gowns, Homecoming Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride Gowns, Plus Size Dresses, Evening Shoes, plus more. A Fabulous Selection of formal dresses and accessories for every special occasion at Rissy Roo's!

Enjoy the night!